Guidelines for interns

Work hours

* Studio hours are 10.30am until 6pm Monday to Friday, unless otherwise stated. Please arrive on time and expect to stay until the end of the day. If you know you are going to be late, please text Jed on 07949 667 918. The studio schedule often relies on members of the team starting at a particular time. Your absence or lateness will have an impact on the productivity of the day and the work of others. Please be punctual.
* You will have regular breaks during the day. Lunch will usually be between 1:30 and 2:00pm.

Work behaviours

* This is a busy professional work environment. Interns are expected to behave as any employee would. Please refrain from using your phone when you have a task to do, unless there is an emergency. You can check messages and Facebook etc when we break for lunch and at the end of the day.
* Please bring your own lunch with you. There is a kitchen with a cooker, fridge and dishwasher (however, there is no microwave) that you are free to use. Tea and coffee will be provided. Any other drinks should be brought with you. Alcohol must not be brought to the studio.
* Please clear up after yourself and recycle wherever possible. Please be mindful of electricity usage. Please turn off lights when you leave a room (especially the bathroom) and unplug any appliances when you are not using them.
* If there is anything you don't understand about the task you have been given, please ask.

Work environment

* Jed has approaching two decades of experience of fashion and running a business. She has also been a mentor for the Prince's Trust. Please feel free to tap into that knowledge and experience by asking questions.
* Production of orders always takes priority over new designs. If we are busy in the studio making existing designs for customers, tasks may be very repetitive. Be prepared to spend a whole day pressing various stages of several garments, hand sewing buttons onto waistcoats, or pin-wheeling around and preparing patterns. This is the reality of being a commercially viable fashion designer and is essential experience for you. 
* The studio contains hazards such as pins, scissors and irons. Please pay attention to your safety and the safety of those around you. Please ask if you need First Aid. Jed will give you a Fire Safety drill on your first day with us.
* Please refrain from wearing perfumes containing lavender or geranium as these are migraine triggers for Jed. If you have any specific health requirements Jed will do her best to accommodate them.
* The studio is a non-smoking environment. If you do smoke you are asked to do it out of the studio and to appropriately cleanse yourself after a cigarette. JPoL is also an alcohol and drug-free zone. You are asked not to attend intoxicated or suffering the after effects of intoxication.

If you need experience in a fashion business to add to your CV and help with your career, please contact Jed. She will reply requesting your current CV and a covering letter detailing the reason why you are interested in the internship.

You may also find the fashion studio production assistant internship article helpful if you haven't already read it.