Work experience

If you are looking for work experience with Jed Phoenix of London, please read the following before contacting us.
    • About the business: I run a niche business which started in 1999 with funding from the Prince’s Trust. In 2011 I became a Prince’s Trust Mentor, helping other young entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. I have had around 20 interns over the years and get a sense of satisfaction seeing how they develop and grow. My clientele are from the fetish, alternative, goth and neurodivergent scenes. 
    • Who I offer mentoring to: Due to the nature of the target market, anyone working with the business in any capacity needs to be at least 18 years old. I will be prioritising mentoring for people who are LGBTQ+, neurodivergent, kinksters, and those who identify with an alternative lifestyle. There will be a screening process to make sure we are a good fit.
  • What I offer: I have consolidated the fashion internship and work experience into a mentorship programme. The mentoring can be carried out via Zoom or in person at the studio in South London (near public transport links). The mentorship comprises off:
        • 1-2-1 mentoring - Duration and frequency to be negotiated. 
        • Help with how to get a product to market in the alternative/fetish environment.
        • Timeline of a product
          • Concept - design - manufacture - marketing - sales environment
        • Building confidence 
        • Introduction to the scene:
          • Pop up shops 
          • Fetish/alt markets 
          • Festivals
  • How to get in touch: Please use the Contact Us tab on the right of this page and, explain why you want to be mentored by Jed and what you are hoping to get out of it. Please also confirm your age and location.
  • What previous mentees say:

    Hamish Devereux

    2015/2016? (I can’t remember exactly)

    Why did you want to do an internship?

    I wanted to learn how to work with materials I hadn’t previously had the chance to. I wanted to learn from and see how an independent designer, maker and label owner operated.

    Were you at college/university and needed to do it as part of your course?

    I had finished my degree and was working part time around my internship at JPoL.

    Did you approach any other internship providers?

    I had asked a few companies or fashion designers about internships in the 12 months.

    If so, why did you choose JPoL?

    Two main reasons:

    1. The range of clothing that Jed has created was like nothing else I had seen available on the alternative/fetish market. The range of materials used were far broader than what was available from most fetishwear designers (particularly in menswear). It was very clear that the clothes were designed by someone who not only understood the community but also approached making clothes in a way that was striking and unique.
    1. Jed themself. Someone with a history in the alternative scene and whose ethics around the fashion industry matched my own.

    What did you get out of your internship? What were your highlights?

    Going with Jed to the pop-up shops and getting to dress people up. The way someone’s entire posture changes when they feel powerful is wonderful and that’s what JPoL clothing did to people. You put on that corset and suddenly people felt sexy. So getting to see that over and over with garments that we’d made was awesome!

    Is there anything that you would’ve changed?

    Honestly, no. I learnt a huge amount from Jed, about the fashion industry, the fetishwear industry and about Queer history.

    How was I as a mentor (please be honest)? How could I improve as a mentor?

    Jed was a phenomenal mentor. I was able to learn a huge amount of new garment construction techniques from them, got to make a variety of garments that I would never have had the chance to with any other internship and Jed gave me ownership over the projects I was working on. I got to work with clients at the markets we went to and it was always a pleasure to see someone getting to experience good quality JPoL for the first time!

    On a personal note, working with Jed and getting that exposure and knowledge about Queer history was life changing for me. Jed’s openness about neurodiversity and their own Queerness was a massive factor in me accepting my own Queerness. Jed was accepting of everything and that that they made was exactly what I needed to grow.

    Where are you in your career now? Are you still in fashion?


    If not, why?

    Alongside my internship with Jed I worked in various roles in the mainstream fashion industry, but my career outside of JPoL took me in a direction away from fashion. I’m still in a role where I spend my days problem solving and interacting with people, just with fewer bolts of cloth around me.

    How did you find out about the internship/JPoL?

    I met Jed at the London Alternative Market, I got chatting to Jed about how much I loved what they had made and asked if there would be a chance for me to learn from Jed.


    Andrea Olguin

    I believe it was 2014

    Why did you want to do an internship?

    Besides the fact that it was necessary for my studies in school, getting away from closed minded people and being in a new environment where I could learn about what is is to be a real fashion designer was riveting!

    Were you at college/university and needed to do it as part of your course?

    Yes, I was studying fashion design in Mexico.

    Did you approach any other internship providers?

    I believe I sent an email or two besides JPOL. One in India and another in Italy but I was never fully convinced by the style.

    If so, why did you choose JPoL?

    I was enamored with the aesthetic! Plus it is in an English speaking country and you were the first to respond ☺️

    What did you get out of your internship?

    Confidence and creativity. I remember being in my flat during the internship and coming up with my brand name and all of these ideas for it. It showed me I can live an unconventional life and still thrive and find community.

    What were your highlights?

    Getting to know you, learning how you manage your business and how you create. Hearing your amazing stories of your journey and how JPOL began. Living in London by myself and exploring a new world. The visit and photoshoot we did at the Manor house with the lovely lady, I remember being so intrigued by her lifestyle and wealth.

    Is there anything that you would’ve changed?

    The only thing I could think of that could have helped me learn more about the kink community would be going to more events or socials.

    How was I as a mentor (please be honest)? How could I improve as a mentor?

    You were wonderful! Patient, creative, so supportive and fun!

    Where are you in your career now?

    I have my registered brand and business and am creating content and garments for sale in Las Vegas.

    Are you still in fashion?


    How did you find out about the internship/JPoL?

    I think I was just googling fetish fashion or kink fashion and came across your webpage and saw you offered internships.