Work experience

Want to experience what it's like to work as part of an alternative clothing brand?

As well as fashion internships, we also offer placements for students who wish to gain unpaid, part time work experience on the promotion and marketing side of a small to medium enterprise. You'll experience what it's like to work under the direction of someone who has built the business from scratch and who has a professional but non-corporate mindset. Jed was a mentor with the Prince's Trust between August 2010 and March 2012, where she became known for specialising in small business marketing and the wise use of resources. The work experience placement is located in south east London, although there are opportunities for people who cannot travel and who wish to conduct certain aspects of the work experience placement via Skype and email.

What can we offer someone who comes to do work experience with us?

- introduction to digital marketing, including how to write articles with SEO in mind.

- introduction to stock control systems and customer relations for niche market businesses with different sales avenues such as face-to-face point of sale, email enquiries, website sales, telephone orders.

- introduction to business administration, for example, planning, accounting, marketing and budgeting.

Please note that this work experience position with Jed Phoenix of London is unpaid and is generally part time, unless a full time work experience placement is required by your college or university.

What's work experience like with Jed Phoenix of London?

Ally did some work experience with us in 2009, leaving when her course finished and she secured a full time paid job for which we gave her a reference.

"My short but sweet marketing work experience with Jed Phoenix of London was one of the most valuable things I ever did for my career! I was studying fashion marketing at the time, which provided me with all the methods of marketing practice, but didn’t even touch online marketing. During my marketing work experience with Jed Phoenix I learnt how to use search engine optimisation for online marketing (I’d never even heard of the term before). It’s one of the most important ways to make sure your website is on top of the search engines. I learnt how to write copy for the web, making sure it was both readable, relevant and included key words and phrases."

Want to apply to come and do work experience with Jed Phoenix of London? Please contact us.