Whitby goth weekend newbie review

As Goth festival newbies, we set off to Whitby with high hopes and heaps of trepidation. Would we be the oldest WGW virgins in town?

On arrival, our fears were unfounded. Hundreds of older attendees, along with very young weekenders (some still in pushchairs!) were flocking to the Spa and Pavilion sites to get wristbands and a quick peek at the Bizzare Bazaar stalls.

Mick nips off to the loo and the first person he bumps in to? Jed Phoenix!! Looking as good as ever in her fab Jed Phoenix of London clothing, we said hellos (and exchanged hugs) then off to get settled in at our bed and breakfast with the promise to go shop with Jed at her pop up shop in the Leisure Centre on Saturday morning.

WGW - the music, the shopping and the people

Dr and the MedicsFriday night saw us venture in to town for a meal then a quick drink at The Resolution bar before heading to the Spa for the evening’s entertainment. First band we saw was Pussycat Dr and the Medics on stage at WGWand the Dirty Johnsons…. Very “Bow Wow Wow".

We waited for a short while, then came the highlight of Friday evening, Dr and the Medics. Opening up with the Doctor Who theme (complete with a cyberman) and progressing through some great covers interspersed with self- penned songs, the band ended with the inevitable “Spirit in the Sky”. We both agreed that Dr (Colin Jackson) is a superb showman, giving a crowd fun and value, everyone was rockin’ along to the tight beat laid by his backing band.

Saturday was our day for shopping….. straight to see Jed in the Leisure Centre to order some more outstanding designs. Nix went for a womens jacket with interchangeable collars and a utility belt. Mick lost no time in choosing a pair of pinstripe bondage trousers. Nix handed over her card and, “OH, shit”, declined!!! (later found it was a bank glitch) so Mick had his card hammered by Nix once again.

Saturday evening started off with a meal at “Moutrey’s” Italian restaurant (just behind the Dolphin pub) then up to The Res to watch Bad Pollyanna. Place was rammed, atmosphere just electric and met some great people.

Mick in his kiltSunday…. A leisurely breakfast then off to the Bazaar once again. More JPOL shopping!! Mick decided he just HAD to have the full length kilt and then ordered a black waistcoat with Skulls and Roses material on the back.

Nix couldn’t resist and is having a one-off punky shirt “Jedified” to suit her figure. Thank God, Nix’s card worked today!!WGW newbie Nix wearing a corset and a skirt

A stroll around town, seeing the sights and being seen! Some fabulous different clothing styles on display, and lots of happy smiling people, enjoying promenading, despite the cold!

WGW newbie Nix wearing a corset and a skirt >

Back to the bed and breakfast to shower and change then off to The Marine restaurant on the Pierside. Awesome food (tho’ not cheap!!), the seafood platter was amazing.

Would we return to Whitby Goth Weekend?

Mick wearing long kilt and bondage trousers Up to The Met hotel for our final event of the weekend… Sexy Sunday disco.

Full of Goths, Punks and TV’s, the music was an eclectic mix ranging from 80’s disco to cyberpunk! What a real treat it was to be with such an enthusiastic group of people, determined to enjoy themselves to the max. The dance floor was packed all night with every dance style you can shake a stick at, and best of all nobody cared how old you were or how crap your dancing skills!

This attitude summed up our first ever WGW – tolerance and friendliness. Collapsed back at the bed and breakfast having raved into the wee small hours….

A fitting finale to our first Whitby Goth Weekend. We will most certainly return next year…… thanks for telling us about it Jed!!


This review of April 2013 Whitby Goth Weekend was written by Mick and Nix Thompson, two hoteliers from Blackpool. If you'd like to have an article or a review published, please contact us.